Gulati School of Photography

DVD 1 Nikon D7100

Upper Right.Upper Left. Front. Backside Buttons.How Camera Works. SLR v/s DSLR

DVD 2 Nikon D750

Playback Menu. Shooting Menu. Setup Menu. Custom Setting Menu

DVD 3 Nikon D750

Retouch Menu. Recent Settings. Camera Modes. Drives Modes. Histogram. RAW VS JPEG

DVD 4 Nikon D750

About Lenses. Aperture.ISO. Shutter Speed. Make Good Exposure. Metering Modes.

DVD 5 Nikon D750

Focusing Modes. Focusing Area Mode. Custom White Balance. Kelvin Temp on Cool Lights & Warm Lights

DVD 6 Nikon D750

Exposure Meter. Depth of Field. Blur Background with Aperture Value, Focal Lenth,Distace.

DVD 7 Nikon D750

Sharp photography. Group Photos. Low Light photography. AEL Button. BKT Button

DVD 8 Nikon D750

Dance and Sports Photography. Photography in Live view Mode. Photo in Video Mode

DVD 9 Nikon D750

Candid Photography. Front & Back Blur. Outdoor & indoor Candid Photography.

DVD 10 Nikon D750

Metering Modes. Against light. Sharp & Blur Background. Use against Light For Potrates

DVD 11 Nikon D750

Image quality. Subject Movement. Composition. Metering Mode. White Balance. Exposure Meter

DVD 12 Nikon D750

Mannual Flash vs TTL Flash. Flash Photography. Fast Shutter Speed Effects on Flash Light.

DVD 13 Nikon D750

Best Settings for Video Shoot. Video Equipments. Background Blur in Video.

DVD 14 Nikon D750

Photos & Videos For Posing Ideas . Sketches Poses for Ideas

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