Nikon D750 Online Course

Gulati School of Photography की तरफ से Nikon D750 DSLR Full Frame Camera की  Training बनाई गई हैं । ये Course हिंदी भाषा में है ।

आप  नीचे Button के Link से कुछ Sample Videos ( Free ) देख सकते हैं जिस से आपको पता चल जायेगा के हमारा तरीका किया है । 

अगर आप को ये पसंद है और आप Complete Course करना चाहते हैं तो आप ईसका  Password ले के सभी Videos देख सकते हैं ।

Total Chapters in Nikon D750 Course

Camera Buttons & Menu Functions

01  Upper Right Buttons of Nikon D750
02  Upper Left Buttons of Nikon D750
03 Front Buttons of Nikon D750
04 Back Side Buttons of Nikon D750
05 Details Signs in View Finder 
06 Extra Buttons of Nikon D750
          Menu Functions
07 Playback Menu in Nikon D750
08 Photo Shooting Menu in Nikon D750
09 Movie Shooting Menu in Nikon D750
10 Custom Setting Menu in Nikon D750
10a Custom Setting Menu in Nikon D750
10b  Custom Setting Menu in Nikon D750
11 Setup Menu in Nikon D750
12 Retouch Menu in Nikon D750
13 My Menu in Nikon D750
14 About Camera Modes of  Nikon D750
15 About Drives Modes of Nikon D750
16 AEL Button Course with Nikon D750
17 BKT Button Course with Nikon D750
         Basic Knowledge
18 How Any Camera Works
19 Right Method to Hold Camera
20 Difference Between SLR vs DSLR Camera

Quick Settings to Take a Photograph

01 Set Image Quality
02 Check Subject Movement
03 Make Correct Composition
04 Select Focusing Points
05 Select Metering Mode
06 Select White Balance
07 Set Exposure Meter

Theory & Practical Common Course

21 What is Histogram in Camera
22 Difference Between RAW VS JPEG Image
23 How Lenses Work in Camera
23a How Many Types of Lenses
23b About Signs on Lenses
24 What is Aperture & How Works
25 What is ISO & How Works in Camera
26a What is Shutter Speed
26b How Shutter Speed Works
26c Shutter Speed Effects on Any Image 
27 How Make Good Exposure in Camera
28 What is Metering Modes & How Works
29 About Focusing Modes in Camera
30 Focusing Area Mode in Camera
31 Focusing Modes in View Finder
32 How Many Types of Light
33 About White Balance in Camera
34 How Make Custom White Balance
35 How Set Kelvin Temp on Cool Lights
36 How Set Kelvin Temp on Warm Lights
37 What is Exposure Meter in Camera
38 What is Depth of Field ( DOF )
39 How Aperture Effects on DOF
40 How Photo Blur With Less Aperture Value
41 How Focal Length Effects DOF
42 How Photo Blur with Focal Length
43 Distance From Subject Effects on DOF
44 How Photo Blur with Distance from Subject
45 What is Direction of Light

View Photos & Videos

75 How View Photos and Videos
76 How Take a photograph on Live View Mode

Group & Sharp Photography with D750

46 How Take Sharp photograph with Tripod
47 Take Sharp Photo with Camera in Hand
48 Sharp Photography With Flash
49 Quick Setting for Award Winning Photos
50 How Background Blur

Dance & Sports Photography with D750

51 Dance and Sports Photography  Settings
52 Sports Photography on S Mode
53 Quick Setting of Shutter Speed
54 Quick Setting for Use Slow Shutter Speed

Low Light Photography with D750

55 Low Light photography

Candid Photography with Nikon D750

56 What is Candid Photography
57 1st Settings for Candid Photography
58 2nd Setting of Aperture Effects
59 3rd Setting For Candid Photos
60 Take Candid Photo in indoor with A Mode
61 Take Candid Photo with M Mode
62 How Front & Background Blur
63 Candid Photography in Outdoor
64 How Distance From Subject Effects ( Repeat )
65 How Focal Length Effects on DOF  (Repeat )
66 What is Exposure Meter ( Repeat )

Photography on Against Light

67 What is Metering Modes ( Repeat )
68 Focusing Area Mode in Camera ( Repeat )
69 Focusing Modes Signs in View Finder
70 Perfect Photo on Different Situations
71 Take Perfect Photo in Against light
72 Use Against Light For Portrates
73 Make Portrates in indoor using Against Light
74 Photo With Sharp & Blur Background

Video Shooting With Nikon D750

01 Movie Settings in Menu ( Repeat )
02 Video Settings with Buttons
03 Best Settings For Video Shooting
04 ISO Setting for Video Shooting
05 How Shoot Sharp Video
06 How Background Blur in Video
07 Use Equipments  for Video Shooting
08 Click Photo in Video Mode
09 Take Photo From Video File

Basic Settings for Flash Photography

01 Mannual Flash vs TTL Flash
02 How Check Flash Power
03 How Distance Effects on Flash Light
04 How Fast Shutter Speed Effects on Flash Light
05 How Aperture and ISO Effects on Flash Light
06 Shutter Speed Effects on Background & Subject
07 Check Flash Modifiers
08 Use Modifiers in indoor & Outdoor
09 Same Light on Subject & Background
10 Outdoor Flash Photography